Ashbrow School Birkby Junior School Birkby Infant and Nursery School Christ Church CE Academy Fixby Junior and Infants School North Huddersfield Trust School St Thomas CE vc Primary School
Ashbrow SchoolBirkby Junior SchoolBirkby Infant and Nursery SchoolChrist Church CE AcademyFixby Junior and Infants SchoolNorth Huddersfield Trust SchoolSt Thomas CE vc Primary School

A Sense of Community

Our organisation serves North Huddersfield and is led by a partnership of seven schools, that work together to ensure our children receive every opportunity and a positive experience of learning.


The North Huddersfield Learning Community is dedicated to providing a range of quality opportunities, with successful outcomes for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds, whilst providing support for our families. Our partnership is ambitious, dynamic and inspirational in its approach.


The partner schools include Ashbrow School, Birkby Infants and Nursery School, Birkby Junior School, Christchurch Academy, Fixby Junior and Infants School, St Thomas Primary CE School, and North Huddersfield Trust School.


By sharing experience and expertise, we increase our capacity to meet the needs of pupils and their families. Pupils regularly have opportunities to work and learn alongside children from other schools, ensuring children develop not only academic, but social skills for life outside of school.


By sharing resources, we are able to offer a wider range of enrichment activities – everything from skateboarding to horse-riding, bee-keeping to rock climbing.


Our staff benefit through professional earning networks which support the development of an ethos and culture of collaboration amongst all of our schools, which will have a clear impact on the lives of children and young people.


Working in partnership with other organisations within our local community helps us deliver a holistic programme of education, enrichment and support.

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